Give credit where credit is due: Nicki Minaj won. She beat Lil Kim even without saying something, caused mass hysteria whenever she was a featured guest on a track and guided Pink Friday to a platinum plaque. Despite her critics asking possibly too much of her (she was not going to be the next Lauryn Hill, theatrics or not), Nicki took the elongated punchline/pause punchline/Stevie from Malcolm in the Middle punchline flow throughout the album, especially on the Drake collaboration “Moment 4 Life”.

Since the two always like to play with the “We’re getting married” rumor, of course they would put it in a video for storytelling purposes. Did Drake win for stealing a kiss from Nicki? Possibly. But we know he won’t truly win until he grabs her buttocks on camera to dispel that rumor of whether or not the cakes were naturally baked.

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