Leave it to “Hustle Man” to give Inside The NBA even more of a great run in unscripted comedy. During the telecast before the Heat/Knicks game, the ASG starters were announced and obviously China tipped the ballot for Yao Ming to get named to the Western Conference squad.

While we’re hoping Blake Griffin & Kevin Love get named to the reserve squad for the sick possibility of Paul/Westbrook/Durant/Love/Griffin playing at some point (meaning there will be about two million alley oops between Paul & Griffin, watch), we also are fully aware of the odd love for Sarah Palin.

Look, I’ve seen SP in numerous lights, and she’s not that bad looking. But I’ll have Lisa Ann playing Sarah Palin over the real one any day of the week. With TM essentially saying he’s interested in SP is him saying she interests him sexually. As in he wouldn’t give her some sexual satisfaction but its the thought that counts.