Where Were You … When They Shut Down WorldStarHipHop? (c. Alan Jackson)

For about six hours yesterday, everything in the world stopped the moment WSHH wasn’t online anymore. People flocked to Twitter and various social networks trying to get to the bottom of this for a website that catered to well, the banality of hip-hop. If you’ve never been to WSHH, imagine it being Wal-Mart in the roughest area of your city at 2 AM. Anything goes. There’s fights at Denny’s, Brian Pumper’s terrible reactions to his own raps, ads for cheap Ed Hardy, Chuck-E-Cheese fights, the birth of Kat Stacks’ next press conference and probably the best thing since BET Uncut with the WorldStar Bunnies.

I’m sure many of you can imagine my stance on it given that I despise WSHH for what they call “blogging” & “journalism” and the shameful fact that people still use payola schemes in hip-hop in 2011. Oh, you didn’t get the memo that unknown rappers were paying WSHH for fabricated press? Yeah, it really happens.

The story behind the shut down had many rumors from the government sticking an ICE splash image on WSHH in the same fashion they did with OnSmash or even 50 Cent himself shutting down the site because he’s Boo Boo and he can stomp on WSHH’s founder Q within a moment’s notice. The thing escalated so quickly that Angie Martinez had both men on her midday show yesterday afternoon where each made implausible claims. Q as unprofessional as he might be, claimed that the site was overloaded because of traffic (cue Elliott Wilson’s “Negro Please”) and that the boys failed to respond to a timely DMCA matter. 50 of course being 50 screamed on Q for whatever reason it may be and needless to say, we might have championed 50 if he had done such a thing. Hell, you remember what happened when he banished Ja Rule to “you won’t be around next year” territory.


Instead, all credit goes to this guy above for taking Black America into panic mode because they couldn’t see two busted former models use a FlipCam to try and return to proper glory. The gist of it is that his rights were compromised by WSHH and he took the proper actions about it. His story reads a lot better than Fiddy’s but we all know why Fiddy wanted to take claim on the matter.

See, 50’s rich and power hungry and wants control of all media. Why else would he wage war against WSHH and probably VladTV, his two biggest competitors in the hip-hop shock blog category? Take down one site, Curtis starts an empire to which none of us are safe and he probably doesn’t have to rap again in life.

Honestly, I see why people view WSHH (because once you watch one video, you’re addicted) and why people despise it. Although personally, HBCUs and computer labs across the country would have increased productivity if we never even clicked on the damn thing and gave it a name to begin with.