Note: As a part of the #72HoursofHoustonHipHop series, we covered the One Mic 2 Year Anniversary @ Groundhall with performances by El Prez, The Boy Illinois, Danny Wattz, Rock Show, Montana, Twenty Eleven, D-Risha, UZOY, Tawn P, Dustin Prestige, Hip-Phonix, Thurogood Wordsmith and more. All photo credits courtesy of Daniel Davis. Visit his site here for more.

Shifting back and forth between stages, fans and artists alike were asked to all find themselves inward for the headliner’s set during the One Mic 2 Year Anniversary on Saturday night. On the same evening where Z-Ro & Slim Thug were playing for keeps at the Arena Theater & K-Rino was dishing out beatdowns verbally right next door, California’s own El Prez had come to Texas to make his presence felt through his signature laid back demeanor and Left Coast aesthetics.

Mission accomplished and then some.

Packed inside of a fifteen minute set, the man who uses In-N-Out as a metaphor for life let the crowd know that he was from LA and hoped that the crowd which showed tremendous appreciation for its own artists gave him the same respect. They obliged, letting Prez soak in as much southern hospitality as anyone not from Texas. He grinded on female concert goers mid-set, declared he would drop bottles on the White House lawn and could easily hook you up with the finest green if you ever saw him in LA.

For a man who is casual about everything in life, performances of “Burgertime” from his latest release Animal Style! are a little more straight forward. Metaphors towards food, life and even dropping the fact that California had experienced 80 degree days in January make the crowd yearn for more Prez. He came to Texas to kill a show as a headliner and he did that, but also paved the way for the other numerous acts on the bill.

From The Boy Illinois’ dedications to fallen friends to Show’s high energy performance well into the wee hours of the morning, One Mic Houston had everything you may have wanted in a giant music festival. There were graffiti artists decorating the outside patio with various microphone emblems, artist mingling with one another like appreciative fans and even Dougbeezy dropping an impromptu sixteen over Tommy Bumps production.

Here’s what needs to be repeated about Doughbeezy: it does not matter what time or the place, he will find a way to come inside your cypher, your concert, your Bar Mitzvah if need be and demolish a microphone to the point where nobody else may want to rap.

Double booked, Twenty Eleven even performed a duo of songs (Standing Strong & 3rd Coast if you’re scoring at home), even Ensane & That Purple Bastard who had run right over from the Main Street Block Party where they amped everyone up with Jon Black & iLL Liad. Highly dedicated those gentlemen.

While the indoor acts had to deal with the small set list times, the outdoor artists had to struggle with the elements as well as having a good show. D-Risha, one of Houston’s bolder emcees ripped through MF Doom/De La Soul’s “Rock.Co.Kane Flow” with absurd punchlines and a demeanor that made it seem like in his mind this was summer all over again. He asserts through various lines that he has unorthodox wordplay, swinging hard like a Southpaw with lines like “I couldn’t give two fucks like siamese prostitutes”.

Young Sensation grabbed ears with his elaborate set by dropping gems using at least half of the cast of Martin, Tawn P represented for the gangsters with her brand of southern discomfort, not even caring about the weather but more towards giving all of her energy while swinging her dreadlocks. The same goes for UZOY & Nya & AtmOsphere who ironically almost went on opposite one another, leaving the crowd partisan in checking out which. UZOY breeds more like an emcee’s emcee, carefully picking out metaphors and similes while Nya & AtmOsphere as a band has a live performance that’s a solid mix of Floetry and Arrested Development, bongos and all.

Montana swinged his long hair with a Snoop like demeanor, Dirty-N-Nasty combined to be the only men in Houston history since 2009 to even give Tracy McGrady his props during a rap, Danny Wattz referenced Mick Foley of all wrestlers during his emotional and honest set, H-Kane gave a rare performance when he’s not promoting Frontline & the League of Extraordinary Gz came all the way from Austin and represented as Texas’ version of the Goodie Mob where every member can spit, whether it be on an introspective level or a sick up kid gone big time level.

You would think since T.H.E.M. created the One Mic series that they would have the egos to have more set times than anyone else. If you believe that then you’ve obviously never met hasHBrown, Dustin Prestige, Thurogood Wordsmith or Hip-Phonix. All four men relinquished the time they could have gloating and instead fused their respective sets together with mentions of one another, high energy and gratitutde. hasH especially.

The tall, gruff emcee/producer along with John Dew doubled as host and performer on Saturday night, thankful for the opportunity to give the city such a great look. One Mic essentially doubled as Houston’s coming out party as well as a tribute to how diverse and appreciative the city is about members from all coasts coming to rock with them.

Now if they can somehow swing the energy to possibly have this all day.