If you see me, I’m somewhere posted up next to El Prez during all of this. Essentially, about twenty of the best rappers from Houston to Austin decided to run over a slew of instrumentals, bars, punchlines and all. There wasn’t a prize on the line, except maybe for pride but every emcee came with it. Props to DJ Don for filming the whole thing as I had to step out to cover the Pharcyde concert later that night. Included in part one would be Doughbeezy, KAB Tha Don, D-Risha, Propain, Beltway Krit, Mr. Luke & more.

Hit the jump for part two includes Reggie Coby & Lowkey from the League of Extraordinary Gz, hasHBrown, Show, Montana with part three featuring Dirty, John Dew, The Boy Illinois, El Prez & Doughbeezy one more time.