The story your parents always tell you when you get in trouble is that everything is going to be okay. You’ll take your lumps and for a moment, feel hurt and pain. Then, days later you will brush it off and take it as another moment of character. A natural disaster does not work in the same fashion as parenting.

There are pains in Louisiana that are still felt some near six years after Katrina made landfall and caused enough damage to the levee system in the Gulf Coast that entire wards were left abandoned once the rebuilding process began. Haiti’s story is possibly more turbulant, given the fact that the world’s first independent nation has suffered through troubles unseen by many.

Cholera outbreaks, a government still unable to properly run its country, reports of rapes, violent crimes and money still in need have left a once proud and beautiful nation hurt, even a year after the earthquake that shattered Haiti from the president to what some other societies would deem a peasant.

Thankfully, Alexandria Byrd of the Dallas/Denton area has composed a benefit concert for the ravaged nation and has invited Sore Losers, G. Bailey, ADD+ and more to join her at the University of North Texas in Denton. For more info visit the flyer up above or contact the lovely Ms. Byrd via Twitter.