Last weekend I went to the Path of Tea and ran in to my good friend Tyler Tran, better known as DJ Motai from Twenty Eleven. We sat down and started talking about music, next thing I knew an impromptu Up In The Air Segment began.

D&D: With all the DJs in the world, what would ever possess you to become a DJ?

DJ MOTAI: I don’t know dude….when I first laid my had on a turntable I said this was “the shit”, I was amused with what all you could do with music especially turntablism. Of course the scratching was my favorite part, aside from being able to mix two or three different songs at once. its amazes me how much you can do to music without he use of technology.

D&D: When did you become a DJ?

DJ MOTAI: January 2007, I was into music and also spun for school events with my coach’s equipment for fun before that, but thats when I got down to producing, I was producing electronic stuff for a couple months but i also consider myself an accomplished producer. It may not seem like that cause you normally hear me DJing with Twenty Eleven as opposed to actually producing the track.

D&D: Who are some of your musical influences as a DJ? Who do you look up to?

DJ MOTAI: Theres not a DJ I look up to per say, but there are a lot that I pickup little things from like, Mix Master Mike in the song “3 MCs and 1 DJ”, when he made the entire beat  with nothing but scratches. I’ve been bothering DJ Ave non-stop about doing that for a Twenty Eleven track. I like the old school feel of it, it has a very authentic hip hop feel. Thats the style I like most when it comes to production.

D&D: You are apart of Space City records newest signee, Twenty Eleven, how’d you get into the group?

DJ MOTAI: We’ll I’ve known Brad Gilmore since freshman year; there was a big cypher going on during lunch and he was filming so I asked where it would be posted and thats when I first heard of Twenty Eleven and of course we introduced each other. Then about 2 years alter, we were in piano class with each other and he was like “Hey 2011 needs a DJ, would you be interested?” to which I said “of course” and the rest as they say is history {laughs}.

D&D: What is your favorite part about playing live?

DJ MOTAI: My favorite part… I’d have to say making the best of our performance, of course laying cuts down and most of all the crowd’s reaction.