Things consistently come around in a circle. While the city continues to emerge under its new found renaissance, KAB Tha Don is easily influenced by the people he’s around (no Drake). From last summer’s Sneaker Summit to the weekly Kickback Sundays jaunt at SF2, the large man from the Northside has been reminding people of a light skinned Big Pokey. Loud voice, demanding presence and an adlib that’s equally imposing as well as intoxicating, all the makings of a certified Houston rapper.

Take “Good Music” for example. Although his voice is toned down significantly from how he is live, he still brings listeners in with solid wordplay and out-spoken lyricism, choosing the sound of gunplay over tired and uninspiring music. He plants his flag deep in the ground as into what he represents, not only the big dudes with near flawless breath control but the New Houston Collective as well.

What, muhfucka.

DOWNLOAD: KAB Tha Don – Good Music | Mediafire