Before he touches down in Houston Saturday as a member of the jaw dropping One Mic Houston lineup (flyer’s on the right), we here at Day & A Dream feel the need to educate, remind or introduce those to El Prez. You see, the South is already a homogeneous mix of every coast when it comes to hip-hop. Texas especially. The New Houston Movement (as Shea Serrano quickly points out) has rappers who cater to each coast with a particular sound. L.E.$. is laid back to the point where you can throw him on a bunch of DJ Quik instrumentals and he’d fit right in, same for Mookie Jones’ equally relaxed vibe. The West has been busy transplanting artists within the scene and El Prez would fit right in – if he wasn’t SoCal to his epicenter.

Any man that dedicates an entire mixalbum to a West Coast staple of a food chain (In-N-Out) needs no further clarification as into what area he represents and who he puts on for. With gems under his belt such as “Contact” featuring Gary Indiana’s own (and personal favorite) Freddie Gibbs not to mention “Inglewood” featuring Shawn Crystopher & Polyester just from Animal Style! alone, Prez is bound to win a few people over that may not exactly be as familiar with his work as we might be.

So we offer a refresher course.

Prez’s discography runs from 2008’s Prezanomics to the aforementioned Animal Style!. Prez went the slightly political route on The Daily Show with its Barack Obama inspired cover but instead of spinning raps about hope and change it’s raps affirming himself as the greats such as Run, Jay-Z & Ice-T the year they dropped debut projects and started creating their own mark in hip-hop.

Even by putting together the Perfect Strangers project with Dale Danja and selling it for a mere buck, the chemistry the two of them have is undeniable, regardless if you pay for it or not. We’ve already covered the underrated Animal Style! that dropped in 2010 so needless to say – you should be full of El Prez by the time Saturday’s One Mic rolls around.

DOWNLOAD/BUY: El Prez’s Discography