Forgive me, I have a slight bias towards songs that use live instrumentation and that smokey jazz club feel to them. We’ve already discussed what its taken for Drastik’s Something to Say EP to come close to general consumption by the public. Now we’re getting to the heart of the project itself, “Story of My Life”.

Most rappers would refuse to pray for their enemies and live by the Count of Monte Cristo guide of revenge: success over anything else. As evident by the second single from Something to Say, Drastik would pray for his enemies and detractors while he is busy mapping out his own path to greatness. Its the kind of humility that one’s willing to show after moving back and forth between scenes, accepting of every fault as a way to teach. Hearing the song live made me a fan of Drastik and hearing it mastered for the first time made me assured that once Something to Say hits the web and other retailers, the divide between Austin & Houston will close even more proving that good music from the heart triumphs even small things like regional bias.

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