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The pillars of my childhood in terms of beauty happened to be Vanessa Williams, Halle Berry, Stacey Dash & LisaRaye. Well, LR might not fit on the mantle now but that’s up for some heavy debate. With Sex & The City long gone from HBO’s airwaves, VH1 felt the need to attempt to re-invent the wheel with Dash, LisaRaye and supposed “token white friend” Charity Shea. You might call it Girlfriends redone, we’ll call it Single Ladies. Cool? Cool.

I don’t think giving the premise away would be much since it’s basically revolving relationships of each woman in Atlanta’s social scene which by the way would be kind of hard considering that we’ve already seen people fail at finding love in Atlanta on VH1. Just to drive the point home of Atlanta being black celebrity mecca, the show will have guest spots from Lauren London (!!), Eve (!), Common, Kim Porter, Chilli. The two hour premiere drops on May 30 and with Queen Latifah attached to it, you’ll wish it was on HBO for the sake of at least one sex scene.