Picking apart an EP like Dougbeezy’s No Money, No Conversation is tough. It might be only five tracks long but each song is quality, showcasing a witty emcee who’s seen it all and done it all to the point where he’s just telling you live stories for the hell of it. However, one song seems to stand above the rest by a nose.

“Back Stabbers” takes a classic sample from The O’Jays, nothing special there but it gives Dough the right backdrop to question those who stick around for the wrong reasons. In the ride to success, there will be fleeting people and those who stick around when times are high. There might not be a song better suited for the radio about the ills of people than this one and if Dougbeezy has anything to do with it, he won’t be trying to knock down doors, people will be knocking down doors to get to him.

Anticipation for Dough is reaching new highs by every appearance he makes and if he continues on the road his buzz has generated for him, he might be crowned Best Rapper In TX.

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