In the one field where talent should rise above any other superlative – race is still a factor.

While many voices in the community offer their opinion on sports matters, the issues and topics discussed are blights for a society so enamored with reason and approach as into why certain races are viewed differently in America. Since the turn of the twenty century, black athletes have become dominant specters in many particular sports such as track & field, golf, basketball and football to name a few. When a black athlete is in trouble, the media seemingly has done everything in its power to paint negative images and attempt to play watchdog and police over actions as opposed to the crimes committed by white athletes.

As the worldwide leader in sports, ESPN conducted a town hall meeting with many black journalists, coaches and public figures to speak their minds on the issues at hand. Some were blatant truths and others left for puzzling remarks. Nonetheless, kudos to ESPN for even giving this kind of forum an arena to be held.

WATCH: ESPN Town Hall Meeting: Image of the Black Athlete