Chamillionaire has been more businessman than rapper recently. It’s not to say that its a bad thing but rather its a testament of how far Chamillionaire has come since assaulting industry instrumentals back in the early parts of the aughts. The man doesn’t rap out of necessity anymore but for sport, just to see if he’s still regarded as one of the most venemous spitters in the South.

Jumpstarting a weekly series does wonders to reaffirm that notion and on his latest leak “When Ya On”, the Lizard is back with punchlines revolving around LeBron James backended by a strong verse from West Coast spitter Nipsey Hussle. With Cham beginning his Playlist Poison series, I expect the releases to stick to the same quality over quantity method Cham was known for back in his Mixtape Messiah days.

DOWNLOAD: Chamillionaire – When Ya On (f. Nipsey Hussle) | Mediafire