In the passing two years between seasons of the hit African-American comedy The Game, numerous shows have come to try and take its place. Not in a 30 minute situational comedy sort of way but rather a trashy reality television sort of way. There have been romance shows centered around sports stars and their face matched with the personalities of a few women looking to gain not only television notoriety but the false idea of “love”.

Wasn’t that what The Game was to begin with? A spin off of one hit television (Girlfriends) show that dealt with African-American relationships that eventually grew more serious as time progressed? Fans of the show lavished over the fairytale relationship of Derwin & Melaine, how sort of chaotic the marriage of Jason & Kelly turned and wound up becoming a game (no pun intended) of one-upmanship. Sure, Mailk was already the athlete who reminded many of T.O., Chad Johnson and any other black athlete with an ego that might outweighed his actual talent – but at least all of those characters made sense.

We’ve seen them before, related to them in a way and now that the show is back, black America can rejoice knowing now there’s only one major sitcom they’ll sit and watch together.

Or will they?

Remember, when The Game was moved to Fridays back on its old home The CW, only 1.7 million people decided to tune in. Ratings for the Tuesday premiere? Try 7.7 million. The obvious question to be asked is this: where were the six million people who couldn’t save the show getting moved once CW decided to stop being a sitcom network?

Maybe it’s the inner hater inside of me that questions the strength of a show but there has to be a correlation between women crying at the same episode of “The Wedding”. It’s not as powerful a tearjerker as Will Smith’s father stepping out on him again after a hasty reunion but if you catch Twitter and timelines whenever The Game comes on and it happens to be that particular episode, you would swear its national news and that everyone needs to be plugged in.

It turned into a phenomenon Tuesday night as various statuses, phone call conversations, et cetera all pointed towards watch parties for the little show that could. It made BET look like a pillar of television outside of a few video shows and B-movies. For a small moment in time, either you were watching Black Entertainment Television or you weren’t.

That idea scares me. As much worth as The Game has in it, it’s the network its currently sitting on and the finicky nature of people within the community that make me believe that 7.7 million won’t stay around for the entire season. Family Guy was resurrected thanks to strong DVD sales and fan demand (same fashion as The Game) and is one of FOX’s best programs but it appeals to a wider audience as guilty pleasure humor. Family Guy can keep bringing the hits day in and day out because its sustained itself as one of those shows that its funny without cultural barriers.

What happens with the show past its Tuesday night revelation remains to be seen. If we’ve pushed ourselves to watch Basketball Wives, What Chilli Wants and anything else that VH1 decides to offer in trashy reality TV shows, certainly a few diehards will watch a show that was scripted and smartly written.

It all depends on whether or not that 7.7 million sticks around for the long haul.