Under his DSF alias, Mr. Rogers already has a bench mark set for 2010 by being one of the aides in the “Flex” movement out of Dallas. Although the arrangement has been “remade” by others, Mr. Rogers wouldn’t mind any other way and proved that in 2010 he was more than just a DJ. Producing the bulk of L.E.$. The Beautiful Struggle gave the Houston rapper not only a signature sound but also landed him on the list of revered Houston artist to watch for in 2011. With local artists flocking over to SF2 North for Kickback Sundays, the grand prize is a custom beat from Rogers himself. Oh, did we fail to mention that Mr. Rogers is responsible for Dom Kennedy’s breakthrough single “1997”? Yeah, Mr. Rogers wears his producer crowd with high acclaim, even if his work on the turntables to keep a party going are top notch as well.

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