Rapper’s are known for voicing their opinions, this is no secret. One thing I don’t like as a rapper, is when in an interview situation, I have to stick with whatever the interviewer asks. I can’t just go, and speak freely on any subject I want. So, I’ve decided to start a new weekly article here on Day & A Dream called, Rapper’s Rant. This will be a platform where an artists can finally say anything the want. Anything that peeves them about the genre, the trends, a venue that they have a problems with, another rapper that they have a had problems with, a political issue, ANYTHING. So here we go this is the Rapper’s Rant.

Ranting Rapper: Tre-Will

One thing that has started to annoy the crap out of me in hip hop music today are rappers who feel the need to start singing on their songs. now I understand if you were actually given a gift to sing and you’ve actually sang on your songs since day one. what I don’t get is how you can have the balls to put singing on every one of your hooks, and then talk over each  one of them at your concerts. I can honestly say that when T-Pain started the whole “auto-tune” fad I thought it was pretty tight. I consider myself a pretty good singer, but I still wanted to try using it just to see how he did it. The big issue came with the auto-tune when every other rapper decided to drop an album using it. Not only did it quickly become annoying to anyone who appreciates good music, it also almost killed T-Pains career. I don’t even care about the dude, and  I was sitting at home thinking “what the hell is he gonna do now”.

I would have thought after the release of Rebirth rappers wouldve known that singing wasn’t the best idea. Instead we have singles like “just a dream” dropping that are killing hip hop as we know it. A lesson that should be taught to all music artist in the industry is that if you can’t perform it, then don’t record it. I mean we all know it’s nothing worse than going to a concert where the audience can perform the songs better than the artist.

At the end of the of the day God blessed some people with the ability to sing, and some without it. Therefore some rappers should stop being conceited douche bags and let someone who isn’t tone deaf sing on their songs.

Checkout Tre-Will along with the rest of Twenty Eleven with their song 3rd Coast.