Wild Card Weekend had its ups and its downs for many of fans across the country. From the defending champion New Orleans Saints to the Philadelphia Eagles, all hopes rested on their quarterbacks guiding their teams to victory. Instead, things turned dark & gloomy as an upstart in Seattle knocked out the champs while a late interception sealed the fate of the Eagles.

Although the Chiefs/Ravens game played out exactly how it was supposed to, nobody expected the Chiefs to play motionless on the field. One Jamaal Charles run gave the Chiefs life but after Baltimore kept grinding them down, they were grounded to the point where Matt Cassel made mistakes he didn’t make in the regular season. However, the most personal matchup of the weekend proved that in the end – a foot makes the difference.

Yes, Rex Ryan finally got his win over Peyton Manning by an ironic field goal. The Jets defense held firm throughout and LaDanian Tomlinson finally brought his regular season legs with him to the playoffs. Looking forward to next week’s games you will immediately look forward to the AFC’s side of the bracket as it offers rematches of Pittsburgh/Baltimore and New York/New England. Let it be said though, if the football gods were kind they would have given us Atlanta versus Philly in the NFC title game.

Highlights of the weekend below, including Marshawn Lynch’s Tecmo Bowl inspired run to seal the win against the Saints.


Ed Reed delivering the hit stick on Dexter McCluster.