Rapper’s are known for voicing their opinions, this is no secret. One thing I don’t like as a rapper, is when in an interview situation, I have to stick with whatever the interviewer asks. I can’t just go, and speak freely on any subject I want. So, I’ve decided to start a new weekly article here on Day & A Dream called, Rapper’s Rant. This will be a platform where an artists can finally say anything the want. Anything that peeves them about the genre, the trends, a venue that they have a problems with, another rapper that they have a had problems with, a political issue, ANYTHING. So here we go this is the Rapper’s Rant.

Ranting Rapper: Renzo

I’m sick and tired of people talking about the illuminati, and/or secret devil worshipping, rappers.  I hate to hear about how this person or that person has now crossed over and started worshipping the devil in exchange for fame and fortune.  I don’t believe any of it.  Fuck that I’ll be more specific.  I don’t believe in the illuminati or devil worshipping rappers that have traded their souls to be famous.

There are a ton of reasons why it doesn’t make any sense.  Like, why would the devil choose rappers and presidents and skip the board of education and police chiefs to influence? Why hasn’t the devil started scooping up the thousands of people in the inner city that want to be rappers and ask them to sell their souls for fame and fortune?  (I’m sure most would happily do so to get their families out of poverty.  I probably would have years ago.)  Aside from the silly answers that I’m sure people are going to come with to those questions, I only have advice.

Stop being a lazy pussy.  Stop being afraid of successful people and blaming their current position on something you can’t do something about.  These people worked hard and/or used their networking skills to make their way up the ladder.  Your job is to step your game up and stop being so afraid.

PS:  The Jay-Z song that they play all the time does not say ‘murder Jesus 666’ when you play it backwards either.  They played ‘Lucifer Sun of the Morning’ screwed and chopped up some of the things he said in the song.  Listen again.  Hell I’m sure any engineer can reverse the song for you so you can hear it……you ass.

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