The idea that Oprah understands hip-hop and the society that is impacted by its crests of highs and lows was dormant years ago. Maybe it took a particular individual to break down the wall she put up against a culture that uses the “N” word profusely, that didn’t care for the status quo and what corporate culture deemed “right for the world”.

With the launch of her own network, Oprah now has the avenue to give the voice to certain individuals to tell their stories. Those of survival, intellect and how environments shaped the decisions which led for them to be in particular positions to educate and inspire. The fact that she chose Jay-Z, someone whom she may not have regarded as a peer a decade ago for the first episode is groundbreaking. Sure, Shawn Corey continues to go in-depth about the stories that shaped the recent Decoded book but its more than that.

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It’s an artist who has been on top of his respective field for so long getting the recognition he deserves for such notion. Even with a faux retirement, Jay never really left. The whisper flows, the dictation in what’s hot and more have made him turn into the hand that turns the respective dial in hip-hop. If littler brother determines how hip-hop should sound in this decade, then big brother will always have a command on whether or not gritty rhymes have earned their place to be recognized as actual art instead of the typical plight against an otherwise “serene” rap landscape.

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