With the barrier between fan and artist breaking down even more in this day and age, lines may get blurred. An artist technically can say whatever he like, doesn’t necessarily have to be true but he can say it. He can announce an appearance at various venues and events but doesn’t have to show. The club didn’t pay for an appearance fee so why does he have to go?

All of those statements refer to one of those “tour stories” Wale went through last night after his show in Houston. According to one fan, Wale stated he was going to appear at certain venues when really he was going to go back to his hotel, sleep and gear up for another venue.

That fan however got word some an unidentified source and went to Wale’s hotel asking for a picture. Wale obliged but not before letting things escalate more than they needed to. People already have their airs about Folarin and needless to say, this didn’t help matters at all. Was the fan wrong for going to the hotel and trying to get a picture? Maybe but that was her call.

Rappers and celebrities don’t want to play celebrity 24/7. This was just another episode of that. In the end of 2010 the line between fan and stalker/groupie/bop is all up to discretion and intention. Wale didn’t want to take a picture and a fan got upset over it.

UPDATED: The UStream below.

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