Clyde Ellington Grant II will display an exhibit on January 15th at the Tipping Point, entitled Living Object, which will be curated by Chanelle Frazier. The concept of the art will touch on Clyde’s interpretation of society’s negative views of women, personal view of women, female self-image & patriarchy. These subjects feed into the belief that women are often objectified, creating the name of the show. Living Object presents the idea that the society we live in affects how women are treated & viewed by others, which in turn can affect female self-image. The pieces displayed will be social commentary, & artwork that can be appreciated for its aesthetics.

This piece is entitled Antichrist. The visual of a woman’s head, with a permanent, sinister glare towards the viewer. A cross of St. Peter (a symbol associated with devil) painted across the mysterious woman’s face. This is the centerpiece for Living Object, placed within a gilded frame & beneath waist-level of patrons. The gilded frame is a direct contrast to what lies within it. Its placement is a reference to the devil/evil & women often depicted as being beneath men. I placed these images together to explore the idea that the female is considered an Antichrist in our patriarchal society. Women are often seen as weaker, lesser than men in religion & society. Misogyny vilifies them with double standards that would in some cases be celebrated if the action was at the hand of a man (ie, losing virginity). I even know of women that choose the company of men over other women because, “Women are worse (insert negative quality here).” They are demonized by the media, men & sometimes fellow women.

The woman in this photograph is actually a ex-girlfriend of mine. To use an image of her reflects not of my personal opinion of her, but how society views her. And every female. Your mother. Your grandmother. Your sister. Your girlfriend. Your cousin. Your niece. Your aunt. Your wife. Your daughter.

You can donate to the Living Object exhibit via this link:

by Clyde Ellington Grant II
at The Tipping Point
January 15th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
1212 Main St, Houston, Tx