iLL LiaD is a humble, yet out-spoken MC from Houston. His debut LP, Salvation, is set to drop in two days, and D&D got an exclusive interview with him about his project.

D&D: So first things first, this is a question I like asking. What was the inspiration of the name if the album, Salvation?

iLL: Well the name come from how i really felt towards the game right now. Their is alot of music i feel could be alot better mainly in production, album concepts, lyrics, and so forth…..I felt that with this album my goal was to save hip-hop and rap music in Houston Tx. When you look up the word ”Salvation” in the dictionary it means. The act of saving or protecting from harm, risk, loss, and destruction also the deliverance from the power of sins. So when i was making this album it was my goal to give Houston Salvation…….Taking it back to when music was pure and unharmed….I felt that if anyone could do this it would be me……And give redemption from artist commiting musical sin…….

D&D: Your known around the local scene for speaking your mind on stage, what makes you do so?

iLL: Well. First i really dont like being known for that. I feel that people should listien to my music before the go ahead and say that i just speak my mind and thats it. My mind is my music and my music is what makes me ”ME”….The reason for doing so though is because i am FREE to say whatever i feel needs to be speaked apon…I think alot of artist fucking forget that with being an artist gives you the right to BARE WORDS!!!!!!!!! Meaning that FREE SPEECH is what makes music in my eyes, your opioions give reactions…..Your thoughts give explantion……Your mind is something that can not be controlled……I have said alot of things on and off stage because i felt that no one was saying their problems out load….I hear alot of bitching and talking but no one acting…..Everyone to me is nervous to be heared around this Hip-Hop sceene do to the fact that the dont want to be pushed aside from other so called RAPPER’S!!!!! This is were i come in!!! I dont give a flying fuck about other rappers thinking anything about me, i say what i mean, and i do it with a passion..I speak the truth about everything and will not stop until im DEAD!

D&D: You talk about some really real subject matter on this album, like your cocaine addiction, why get so personal?

iLL: I felt that if im going to make an album i was going to touch every subject that i delt with on tha daily…..I delt with drug addiction for over 6 years and im not ashamed of the past nor well i shut the door on it either…..I wanted to give every piece of my soul, heart and mind in this project….My farther told me ”To never half-ass anything in your life.” And i felt that i have done so in this album. Now me geting personnal is something i feel i wanted to do because i wanted people to enter the door of Brandon Rodriguez and -iLL LaiD- at the same time. Geting my personnal addictions to my views on the Houston Hip-Hop circle to my fight with the Devil eating at my soul. This is what makes me and ”Salvation” AT THE SAME TIME!!!!

D&D: What motivated you to get in this hip hop game in the first place?

iLL: Well alot. When i was in High School i felt that in the Houston Culture of sippin drank and so forth we were more than that. No one was really making true music to me besides Z-Ro, Bun B and Scar-Face…..I wanted to change the game and bring a younger more meaningfull light to what Houston Was…..I wanted to give Houston some kind of turning point in this city…….My motivation is to just be reconized as an artist not a RAPPER! Many can rap but few can give you art! And i feel i do both.

D&D: What are your views of the local scene right now, and who Is completely killing it on the local level right now?

iLL: Honestly i feel alot of cats ”Kiss Each Others Ass”. So many people in this fucking game are fake as fuck….I have a ”FUCK NIGGA” radar. Meaning i can tell who is Real and who is fraud just by looking deep into your camp or your actions……..I wish alot of cats would change but thats like asking ”Pamala Anderson”  not to have Hep C!!!! Ya Digg! And who i think is running the game thats easy……..Fat Tony, Kyle Hubbard, Preemo, Hollywood Floss, -iLL LiaD-, Twenty Eleven, Hashbrown Jettimasstri………..Also those are my picks for Houston Press Underground artist of the year predictions TO!!!!!!!! Also shout out’s to Jon Black and T2 their  next to step up and rape this game!!!!!

D&D: Lastly, what do you want people to say when they hear Salvation for the first time?

The Kid Put His All In This.”
Salvation drops New Year’s Eve (which is 12/31/10 if you don’t know). Check an exclusive track from the album below.