While the NFL was busy having a Tuesday Night Football game for the first time in about 64 years, the rosters were announced for the 2011 NFL Pro Bowl. The usual cast of characters will suit up in Hawaii (if their team doesn’t make the Super Bowl) as Brady & Vick were named the starters for their respective conferences. One player that was elated to be named to the Pro Bowl would be Brandon Lloyd of the Denver Broncos.

Lloyd shockingly leads the league in receiving yards (1,375) for a Bronocs team that is 4-11. When asked about his selection and what he would tell his former teams (Chicago, San Francisco & Washington), he replied ever so eloquently:

“F*ck you, & I mean that in the most professional way.”

While some folks believe Mike Wallace should have gotten the nod over Lloyd, I’m actually glad he decided his mouth was finally up to par with his game on the field. After getting cut by three teams and finally having a breakout season, why not?