With the NBA season already having its fair share of dunk highlights (see Blake Griffin, J.R. Smith & a few others) it’s about time somebody attempted one of these things and failed miserably.

When Otis Smith decided to blow up the Orlando Magic last weekend by trading away Rashard Lewis’ hefty contract, the artist formerly known as Vince Carter as well as a few role players he was hoping the moves would pay off for him in spades. He was bringing back a key piece of his 2009 NBA Finals run in Hedo Turkoglu, injecting Jason Richardson & Gilbert Arenas to give the team some veteran depth and to make Dwight Howard happy.

I don’t think Superman can be happy with two consecutive losses with his new teammates and the Pizza Boy flubbing an easy breakaway dunk. With some reports saying Howard might be leaning towards Tinseltown if he doesn’t get a ring in the next two years, Orlando had better hurry fast in getting the right pieces together. Because the Bulls might leap them as the third best team in the East.