Football season is in clear overload at the moment. With high schools across the country settling their state championships, bowl season cranking up in college and a furious fight to the finish in the NFL, any hot blooded American can feel right at home on the couch any day of the week.

Luckily, if you decided to sit in for this past Sunday you missed the most epic comeback & collapse on behalf of the New York Giants & Philadelphia Eagles. The league is well aware of Michael Vick and his talents on the field but leading the Eagles to overcome a 21 point deficit in the 4th quarter shows that he’s grown up even more since his days in Atlanta. However, Giants fans could have not been prepared for what happened on the final play. Giants punter Matt Dodge was given explicit instructions from his head coach to not kick it to football’s version of the home run hitter DeSean Jackson. Dodge didn’t listen and the Giants paid for it dearly.

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While the Eagles showed up for their Sunday night clash with the G-Men (albeit late), the Packers minus quarterback Aaron Rodgers almost pulled the near impossible by almost knocking off the New England Patriots in Foxboro. If Matt Flynn hadn’t had the brain fart of believing he was being coached by Les Miles once again, maybe the Pack would have gotten off a better final play instead of the one that got Flynn sacked and ensured the Patriots of a twelfth victory on the season.

Even though they’ve been written off, Peyton Manning’s Colts still seem to try and find a way to remain relevant in the AFC playoff picture. With a few key runs from seldom used back Donald Brown, Manning and the Colts assumed control of the AFC South with a decent victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. The same couldn’t be said for Pittsburgh, who fell to the Jets after Big Ben couldn’t engineer a 4th quarter TD drive.

But of all the disappointments that occurred on Sunday, none was bigger than the Texans getting dragged through the dirt against a Tennessee Titans team they defeated 20-0 only a few weeks ago. The 31-17 defeat (including yet another 21-0 start by the opposing team) has to signal the end of the Gary Kubiak era and hopefully for some Texans fans will lead into the Bill Cowher era.

Where I hope and pray incidents like the one below don’t happen.

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