The Western Conference is all over the place this season. We’ve seen Dallas & San Antonio take over with serious win streaks, the Lakers toy with people since we all know they’re built for June and yawn at the regular season. The Rockets? Well, Yao Ming’s career is probably done & Blake Griffin is probably the defacto Rookie of the Year as long as John Wall stays on the sidelines.

Needless to say, the most intriguing storyline happens to reside in Denver with Carmelo Anthony publicly stating he wants out of the Rocky Mountains and inside of Madison Square Garden. Every shot towards #15 from B-More last night told the story, “When will they get me out of here?”

But Gary Neal? That non-descript member of the San Antonio Spurs? He’ll ask himself, “Why did I try to take a charge?” That’s because J.R. Smith decided not to be his spot up three point shooting self but rather the former contestant in the dunk contest and promptly glide his way to the basket, all in those “Cool Grey” AJXI’s that everybody seems to want this holiday season. Congrats Gary Neal, you’re now on a poster.