The easy thing to do would be to classify Twenty Eleven as a band with one of the ironic band names in music. True enough, the five member band (two rappers, two producers & one singer) do enough than what their respective classifications suggest. Its a family who brings out the best of one another, whether it be in a luxurious studio or inside of someone’s garage looking for the perfect sound. Now, 2010 has been nothing short of amazing for blending of genres. It seems the boundaries originally set some thirty years ago continue to be knocked down and transformed into something completely different. Houston’s Twenty Eleven lives by that sort of genre blending adding elements of hip-hop, rock & soul into their debut project Renewable Energy.

The obvious comparisons with album title and actual product are easy to be made from the five member band. There are anthems for women, “3rd Coast”, appearances from Fat Tony & Kyle Hubbard with the group’s main two vocalist Brad James & Tre-Will each attempting to out do one another for perspective bragging rights on the tracks including the stripped down standout “Take Me Away”.

While it may be yet another album in a long line of those production from the city that sound different from anything else, it’s something that’s a little more personal than most. Download below.

DOWNLOAD: Twenty Eleven – Renewable Energy (Album)