While the Eagles found a way to dispatch of the Cowboys last night, the story most will begin talking about will be Tashard Choice asking future MVP runner-up Michael Vick for his autograph. Choice said he was getting the interview for his nephew which is a noble gesture I’m sure but if you look past Choice’s reason – you can obviously say one thing: the league respects Mike Vick.

No matter how many times the Sunday Night Football broadcast team of Al Michaels & Cris Collinsworth attempt to put down Vick for what he did (and remind folks very little of what Big Ben), the rest of the NFL has already forgiven Vick and if not for the spectacular play of Tom Brady lately would have him win MVP by a wide margin.

Hey, real recognizes real man. Choice knows how good Vick is even if he throws two picks, he’ll still find a way to throw an 80 yard bomb for a game winner.