Here’s a question I would like to pose to people. If you’re an avid pursuer of music, wouldn’t you like to have certain services remind you that particular albums are being released for the holiday season? There had number of casualties to this sort of marketing and sadly, Jamie Foxx can be added to the list.

Foxx has two successful albums released in the last decade, one great because he proved his talents in Ray weren’t a fluke and the other successful for one of the most go-to club tracks in recent memory. The formerly known Body has now transitioned into Foxx’s Best Night of My Life and on the title track, he brings out the 2010 boy wonder from Pittsburgh along for the ride. Since you haven’t heard this a lot, Foxx’s album drops December 21st.

DOWNLOAD: Jamie Foxx – Best Night Of My Life (f. Wiz Khalifa) | Mediafire

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