They booed. They hissed. They cursed and came with creative banter to throw at LeBron James for everything they felt he had done. And in the end, the fans left with the same sunken feeling they had in July.


The NBA, its fans and the media built December 2nd, 2010 to be a story of David vs. Golitah perhaps. The once exiled King returning home with a slew of talents and star players he never had in his own home against a team he left on national television. Instead it turned into the one game LeBron James needed for his career. The fact it came against a Cavs team that did absolutely nothing to defend him may be a little misleading but James found his killer instinct.


Every time he touched the ball, James was booed mercilessly by the Cleveland faithful who had come to ridicule him for leaving the Cavs earlier this past summer. The thing is, LeBron had beaten the Cavs before they were even set to touch the basketball court last night. When Mo Williams stated in an interview he thought about retiring when he heard the news James was fleeing Cleveland for South Beach, LeBron won. When Daniel Gibson still decided to keep in contact with James, LeBron won.

When he kept going over to the Cavs beach on Thursday night and continued to have conversation with assistant coaches ala how Drederick Tatum stopped in the middle of his fight with Homer Simpson to discuss eateries, LeBron won. The slow and vindictive 24-point third quarter was merely icing on the cake. By that time Cleveland had been defeated and all of their infinite hero worship for seven seasons proved one thing: Cleveland, Ohio cares so much about the sports figures that play for them that anointing them to near deity status is status quo. And getting hurt by their deities is a common occurrence in the city.

So maybe LeBron treated this as another game and the city of Cleveland treated this like it was Al Capone’s vault being opened. The Heat were supposed to win this game, like many of their others but are 12-8 now after this win and the Cavaliers were supposed to be scrappy and show a little fight. Instead, their former star outscored their entire starting 5 and treated the fans to a show, even when he was on the visitors side of the box score.

All in all, LeBron turned his game on to season highs and dropped Cleveland to familiar lows. Ones they sadly must deal with for the rest of the season.