I’ll let the “Coca-Cola” of blogs (c. Combat Jack) explain this project:

The Chi. America’s second city. Home to President Barack Obama, Basketball’s G.O.A.T, and Al Capone, the city has had its fair share of hip-hop royalty come screaming out of its Midwest womb over the years. This mixtape is a celebration of the best of the best. Yesterday we teamed up with Fake Shore Drive to drop “The 50 Greatest Chicago Rap Songs” (and become a trending topic on Twitter). As an added bonus, today we’ve got Chi town’s DJ iLLaNOise mixing every track from the list as an ode to the town Kanye, Lupe, and countless others call home. So, while you’re arguing over the rankings of our list, you can bang this and hopefully get clarity for your arguments. And you say Chi City!

You’ve seen the tracklist if you’ve read the feature. Grab the tape below.

DOWNLOAD: The 50 Greatest Chicago Rap Songs (presented by Complex & Fake Shore Drive) | MF