The Andre Johnson/Courtland Finnegan fight is all you need to know about Week 12 in the National Football League. Teams getting frustrated, opportunities for upsets being missed and a couple haymakers thrown to keep things relatively spicy.

With the Texans ending their 4-game losing skid against the team formerly known as the Houston Oilers, coupled with everybody else in the AFC South losing on Sunday I think we can gasp and be amazed at the fact the Texans are still mathematically alive to win the division for the first time in franchise history. A career day from their suspect pass defense along with Arian Foster doing what he does best gave the Texans only their second shutout ever in a 20-0 win over Tennessee.

Elsewhere in marquee games, the Michael Vick Experience showed flashes in the Eagles tilt with the Chicago Bears but it was Jay Cutler outdoing Vick by committing zero mistakes on his way to a 4 touchdown performance. When it looked like Philly was done for, Vick led them down the field for three scores but Andy Reid couldn’t help himself by burning all three of their timeouts early, leaving the Bears with a victory and sole possession of second place in the NFC.

The Packers & Falcons met in the ATL with a lot on the line and although it was a battle of my two fantasy football quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers had the better statistical day but Matt Ryan once again proved that he is unbeatable at home as the Falcons took firm command of the conference with a 20-17 win. Those folks proved their mettle, along with Dwayne Bowe who by each passing week is getting closer and closer to breaking touchdown records for the Chiefs.

However, the Bills were primed for an upset of the Pittsburgh Steelers when Steve Johnson almost pulled in the game winning touchdown in OT. Only problem was, Steve dropped the ball and went on Twitter to blame – God?

Emotional way to lose? Yes. Calling out the all mighty for your hands not cooperating with your mind? Wrong. It was one game man, the playoffs weren’t on the line here. Just pull yourself together man, it’ll be alright.

Oh and one last note, somebody get Roy Williams out of Dallas. For his own safety.