If you weren’t at The Mink last Friday then you sure missed out on a great night! Fat Tony had his big RABDARGAB release party, dubbed “Black Friday”, and he brought out 300+ people for a sweaty, drunken, loud, and fun night of raving and moshing. The show started around 10:30ish with local electro-duo, A&A, completely tearing the house down. They definitely know how to make the crowd jump around and act like they are on blue magic or something (like how I slipped in the American Gangster reference). So just as we started to calm down from the ecstasy that was A&A, we began to hear somebody checking the microphone by repeatedly saying.

“Mircophone check, break a nigga’s neck!”

By this sort of sound check we knew it could only be one person, B L A C K I E. After doing his rendition of the classic “Testing, testing, 1-2-3”, he began to play or yell his set. In under 10 seconds he was already in the crowd and I found self on the stage. While B L A C K I E began performing his classic record “Dope & Doper” the mosh pit became a frenzy, and I took it upon myself to stage dive and began crowd surfing (and I checked that off my bucket list). I didn’t think anyone could top the extreme party that A&A created, but B L A C K I E topped the party by created the most insane atmosphere I’ve seen at a local show in a while.

But, if intense raving and moshing wasn’t enough for you, the man of the hour, the 2008, 2009, and 2010 Houston Press’ Best Underground Rapper came to the stage. We could only be talking about one man, Fat Tony. With his hype-man, Smash Bro, on his right, and his DJ, iPod Ammo, backing him, we were definitely in for a great show. He played all the classics, “Nigga U Ain’t Fat”, “Luv It Mayne”, “Like Hell Yeah”, and “Invasion”, and the coolest part to the whole show is whenever iPod Ammo dropped the music, the whole crowd knew all the words. It reminds all of us the reason he’s voted the best 3 years in a row. All and all it was a great night, be sure to go cop Fat Tony’s debut album RABDARGAB, and also check him performing “Like Hell Yeah” below.