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If you really consider Chris Bosh a worthy asset through the first eleven games of the NBA season, you obviously haven’t watched a Miami Heat game. Yeah, the super squad that doubles at the N.W.O of the league has found it’s Scott Hall. If LeBron is Hogan & Dwyane Wade is Kevin Nash then guess who has to be Scott Hall?

You guessed it, the former Toronto Avatar Raptor. Not counting last night’s effort against the all offense and no defense Phoenix Suns when Bosh put up 35 points, he’s been for a lack of a better word: invisible in the Heat’s “Big Three”. Which is why The Basketball Jones went in parody style on the former CB4 from everything he’s done since Georgia Tech to everything he’s done in Miami.

Don’t worry, there is something to question during that “one” good game. Bosh only had 6 rebounds. For a 20-10 guy, that’s a pretty weak number, “like a Bosh”.