Week 10 is when everything starts to separate itself In the NFL. With this wacky season being all about parity, even we had to take a break from reporting the action. Nevertheless, here we are back and rejuvenated like the Cowboys who spanked the Giants 33-20, with or without the lights on.

I feel for the Texans. What started off so promising in this NFL season has been reduced to ashes. By beating the Colts in Week 1 and then coming from behind to beat Washington in Week 2, everything was all sunny in H-Town. Now with three straight losses and the one on Sunday being the worst of them all, the squad is in familiar position – on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs. Glover Quin did the right thing in attempting to bat the ball down but in a freak occurrence, he slapped it right into the hands of Jags wide out Mike Thomas who tip toed his way in for the score.

Elsewhere in the league, the Patriots went out to prove that Cleveland beating them was just a fluke by rousing the Steelers on Sunday Night Football. Tom Brady added the rugged mountain beard look to his kind of silly Justin Bieber routine and decided to go for 350 yards and 4 touchdowns on the Black &Yellow.

As far as the Randy Moss soap opera goes, The Freak only managed 1 catch for 26 yards against the Dolphins who managed to play quarterback roulette by losing two QBs and having to use Wildcat for a small part of the game. Miami won the game against the Titans 29-17.

Showing up this week were the Bills who thankfully got their first win of the season while also making sure the hard working Lions drop yet another game close. Other teams filling out the goodness of the weekend:

– The 49ers who ran with a determined Troy Smith and have slowly began to right the ship in the NFC West. Only problem is, whoever wins this division might get slaughtered by one of the Wild Card teams in Week 1 of the playoffs.

– The Falcons who on Thursday ran with the Georgia Dome crowed and watched the Ravens blow a lead in the final minutes. Extra gusto to Roddy White who almost wasn’t going to play yet put up 138 yards and 2 scores on the Ravens.

Those who need to prove their mettle obviously reside in Cincinnati where everything about the Bengals season that has looked good on paper has for the most part – sucked on the field. T.O. is playing at an All-Pro level but the rest of the team isn’t following his lead, especially after giving up a win to Indy on Sunday.

– Anybody mind telling me how Denver got 59 points put on them by the Raiders and then turned around to put 49 on Kansas City?

– Brett Favre and the Vikings are probably done, especially with the QB throwing 3 picks in a loss to the Bears and having an MRI on his shoulder. It’s fine, considering Favre isn’t coming back next season and so won’t Brad Childress.

– Hopefully tonight’s Vick vs. McNabb game turns into something better than their first encounter.