If you’re wondering why this is occurring then let me give you the Cliff Notes:

– Jay-Z wrote (or rather rap since Hov doesn’t write) a line about him Hammer going broke and blowing $30 million but spending another $30 million because $30 million can’t hurt Jigga, unlike Hammer on “So Appalled”.
– Hammer then went to Twitter saying he had something for “Hellboy” on October 31st, more than likely a diss regarding said lines above.
– Hammer then commissioned a YouTube video complete with a meeting, some MMA, a lot of dancing, maybe a verse or two, I’m not sure where though because there’s no mention of the Illuminati (the reason why he called Jay “Hellboy” to begin with and oh yes, him actually being giddy on Twitter mentioning to Kanye West that he was going to listen, unaware of Jay’s punchline. He heard said punchline, deleted his tweet and it was on from there.
– Time wasted? 5 minutes plus. Failure for putting this on film? Priceless.