In all of my years watching football, I thought the Houston Texans in their early years had the worst offensive line in football. Looks like that trademark took its talents to the Chi as the Bears seemingly can’t keep Jay Cutler up right. It didn’t help matters at all when D’Angelo Hall parlayed everything wrong about the Bears offense into the game of his life.

With Revis Island out for repairs, Hall Resort took center stage on Sunday, intercepting the Bears quarterback on four occasions in the second half, including taking one to the house for 92 yards. In a game where both offenses stunk up the joint, who knew the Redskins of all teams would play enough D to get the win?

Elsewhere in New Orleans, the Saints are in a serious funk. Injuries and the lack of big plays have cut the hopes of a dominant Saints team from winning over the NFC South. Getting drubbed by the Cleveland Browns of all teams bodes trouble for the defending Super Bowl Champions who welcome the 1-loss Pittsburgh Steelers into the Superdome next Sunday in what could be a House of Horrors type of situation.

But the shock of the weekend wasn’t in New Orleans or Chicago but in Denver where the Raiders, yes the RAIDERS dusted off the Denver Broncos 59-14. Let’s count how this happened.

– Two touchdowns eight seconds apart.
– Four touchdowns by Run-DMC
– 38-7 at halftime.

Yeah, time for Show & Prove.


–  Explain to me how in the world do Kenny Britt (40 fantasy points, 225 yards, 3 TDs) Roddy White (32 fantasy points, 201 yards, 2 TDs) & Lee Evans (28 fantasy points, 105 yards, 3 TDs) absolutely go off this weekend? Each man swung the tide in plenty of FF games on Sunday, maybe none more than Britt who was caught going hard in the paint in Nashville and got suspended for a quarter against the Eagles.

– The Steelers have swiped all of the good luck the Saints had last season as Big Ben led his team to a fluke win in Miami over the Dolphins. Good teams win those odd close games that shouldn’t be close. The Pats fit into this category as well as they let a solid lead almost get away from them in San Diego as Kris Brown (former purveyor of so many Texans defeats) boots a kick wide right for somebody else. And Houston rejoiced.

– Dez Bryant is going to be Rookie of the Year or a close second if Sam Bradford puts up 3,000 yards in the Rams offense.


– After throwing three picks and then getting jobbed out by his head coach, folks are calling for #4 to hang it up in Minny. With the sexual harassment allegations, that bad ankle and those costly turnovers, it’s no surprise that folks would be calling for the end to one of the most polarizing careers in NFL history. Plus with news coming out that Favre has two separate breaks in that ankle of his – he might want to finally consider some records just need to end for the sake of health.

– Chris Johnson’s chase for 2,500 yards is done. Finito.

– I don’t want to go in on the Cowboys, last night’s painful loss to the Giants proved to me that it’s a sinking ship and all of their hopes for pulling the season out of the abyss were gone as soon as the play below happened.