Politics as usual in the city. Some rappers want to get on with great producers, some producers want that one golden rapper to make them blow up and then there’s hasHBrown, whose alter ego Jettimasstyr happens to put out quality production for plenty of artist in the city. With the kind of effort he puts in behind the boards and even on the microphone, it’s only fair he decides to run for a position once held by some of the city’s greats.

What’s even more interesting? hasH’s policy has taken hints from the Radiohead administration by asking people to name their price for his latest effort Rap Mayor. With council members Damien Randle, DJ Gonz, John Dew, Hollywood FLOSS, Dante Higgins, Thurogood Wordsmith, Upgrade, Hip-Phonix, Dustin Prestige, B Hardy & Kidd The Great rounding out the cabinet, this administration from hasH will be firm in providing the people with the best hip-hop the taxpayers can buy.

Tracklist + Stream/Download link after the jump.

1. Sworn In(tro) ft. Damien Randle
2. Election Day (free)
3. Represent ft. DJ Gonz
4. I’m Beamin’ (free)
5. Hydro
6. Light Up (free)
7. Air Conditioning ft. John Dew & Hollywood Floss
8. Think About It [interlude] (free)
9. Who is Rap Mayor (free)
10. Black Magic ft. Dante Higgins
11. The Popular Vote (free)
12. Class Reunion ft. Upgrade & Thurogood Wordsmith
13. The Rude [interlude]
14. Weed vs. Alcohol ft. John Dew & Hip-Phonix
15. What is Your Name ft. B Hardy & Dustin-Prestige
16. Women of Your Dreams ft. Kidd the Great
17. Break Something Trailer (free)
18. Grand Re-Opening [remix] ft. Hollywood Floss
19. The Vow (tro)

DOWNLOAD: hasHBrown – Rap Mayor (Mixtape)