A few years ago in California, before Arnold Schwarzenegger took over and started signing I.O.U’s to people – there was the Gubernatorial Race of 2003 to recall then impeached Governor Gray Davis. Everyone from porn stars to Gary Coleman found themselves campaigning for the highest office in California, only to be won by the Terminator.

New York is apparently trying to do what New York does best – outdo any precedent set before it.

Jimmy McMillan, he of the “Rent Is Too Damn High” party was one of the fringe candidates in the race competing against Carl Paladino & Andrew Cuomo. In the end, he came out the victor not because of his approach but because everyone knows who he his, what party he represents and his signature tag-lines. Now, I understand the Texas Gubernatorial Race is a bit drab and boring (what, one’s a big spender and the other has hints of being a secessionist) but not once has either candidate come out with the same fiery stance as McMillan has.

Dah well.