Every week, I look for a different way to summarize how the Dallas Cowboys could change their season around and possibly make the NFC Playoffs as a wild card team. Every week, they make that aforementioned statement harder and harder to write into reality. Through five games, the Cowboys currently sit at 1-4 and while everyone in the league is currently concerned about hard hits & concussions yet again, the Boys don’t have the microscope squarely on them.

For now.

Another Sunday loss to the Favre/Moss Minnesota Vikings combo was filled with both Dallas promise (Dez Bryant touchdown, Roy Williams getting in the endzone again) and Dallas futility (penalties a plenty, Percy Harvin returning the opening second half kickoff for a TD). The obvious solution would be for fun coach Wade to stop taking the team out for ice cream and pizza regardless of winning or losing and figure out why in the world the Cowboys feel the need to be arrogant about losing, playing as if they’re undefeated when they’ve lost all but one game this season.

After what occurred on Sunday with numerous helmet-to-helmet collisions, players going out with concussions and head trauma, the league is making sure the big hits that usually make the highlights on Sportscenter are lessened to keep star players from getting injured (see DeSean Jackson getting blown up over the middle by Dunta Robinson below).

As far as the rest of the league is concerned, the type of plays routinely made by hard hitting defenses such as Pittsburgh, Baltimore & the New York Jets (coincidentally the three best teams in the NFL) might be scratched out in favor of more “clean” play. Whatever the case, the No Fun League is truly living up to its moniker in order to protect its stars, whether fans enjoy it or not.


–  Big Ben proves that America really doesn’t care about what you do to women, just as long as you score touchdowns for a beloved sports team. The Steelers handled the Browns quite easily on Sunday, with Ben putting up three touchdowns through the air. Thankfully, Colt McCoy didn’t find himself in the emergency room thanks to the Steelers who sit above everyone in the AFC North.

– The Texans are cardiac. End of story. Anytime you combine one of the league’s best offenses and the league’s worst defense scores like 35-31 will be common place. The only thing that matters to Texans fans despite the loss of DeMeco Ryans for the season due to a Torn Achilles is that the squad is somehow 4-2 and atop the AFC South despite some terrible pass coverage throughout the season so far.

– The Patriots seems fine without Randy Moss. Bring back Deion Branch who was Brady’s favorite receiver before the arrival of Moss and watch the offense pick up its rhythm and get a huge victory over the Ravens. Give it time, that offense might be cooking in the kitchen like clockwork.

– Are the Rams for real? After getting drubbed by 38 to the Lions (!!) the Sam Bradford led Rams pulled off a shocker by defeating the San Diego Chargers, adding more fuel to the fire that San Diego cannot consistently have poor starts to the season and expect to finish strong every year. It can’t work like that.

– If the Colts had a schedule of only night games, I’d have way more faith in them to once again represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. Bill Simmons pointed it out time and time again, do not go against Peyton Manning in a night game situation.


– Speaking of the other team that might have heads roll in the coming weeks, the Chargers looked like a surefire lock to win their division and make some noise in the playoffs. Much like the Cowboys, they have the talent at all the right positions but haven’t found a game where they’ve put everything together. I don’t see them reeling off 10 straight wins to finish out the season like they did last year, not without Vincent Jackson and Shawne Merriman back to 100%.

– The Chiefs were maybe one uncalled PI penalty away from leaving Houston 4-1, instead they sit at 3-2 in a topsy turvy AFC West. Maybe they just caught the breaks early on this season and when placed up against decent to top competition, they’re still a little inexperienced to close out a game.

– Green Bay should want to avoid overtime games at all cost from here on out. The Pack dropped another OT game, this time to the Dolphins. At this rate, Mike McCarthy might channel his inner Les Miles and claim the Packers are the best 1-loss team in regulation.