If you’re from the Houston area, growing up you might remember the Read A Book, Do A Report, Get A Buck program designed by the Houston Independent School District to raise child literacy. Fat Tony’s take on the situation is simple: Supply Music of extremely high quality and people will pay you back for it with their ears and appreciation. After dropping the preview to his album earlier, time for the full story and see what the non-stereotypical rapper from the H has to say about whatever may float his mind.

Tracklist x Download link after the jump.

1. Nigga U Ain’t Fat
2. Rap Babies (Ft. Tom Cruz, Negashi Armada & Charly East)
3. Luv It Mayne (Ft. Murs & Bo. P)
4. Lotus
5. Bad
6. Put It In The Air
7. Fuck Y’all Niggas
8. Home
9. Not Now (Ft. Kam Franklin)
10. My Babe
11. Wake Up World