When you were putting together your office pool for teams that might make the Super Bowl from the NFC, you had the Vikings and the Cowboys near the top of your list, correct? Did you envision by the quarter mark of the season that both teams would be 1-3? No? Neither did the “experts” and the teams respective fan bases. Everyone had the Cowboys as the strength of the NFC East and at the moment, they’re looking up to the 3-2 Redskins, the 3-2 Giants & 3-2 Eagles.

The blame can circle around Jason Garrett, Wade Phillips or Tony Romo but it’s a complete team effort and when it comes to looking dejected and uninterested about playing football, the Cowboys would be undefeated in that department.

It gets even worse for the Vikings who thought they were getting the Brett Favre who had them an interception away from reaching the Super Bowl last season. Despite the play of their defense and Adrian Peterson, Favre has already thrown the same number of interceptions through four games this season than he had all of last season. Not to mention the little tiff coming out that Brett involved himself in some sexting with former New York Jets employee Jenn Sterger during his stay in 2008.

Sorry, I really wish I went a day without a story about Brett Favre and penis being roped together in the same frame but alas, it’s 2010 and it’s becoming common. Keep the gunslinger away from Marissa Miller, for her sake. Back to football though. We’re dropping Super Bowl contenders over here and the folks who unless some breaks occur, won’t be seeing Dallas in February.


The Jets at 4-1. Maybe when they went up against another strong defensive team in Baltimore they were a little exposed but they’ve patched things up to win four straight. Despite Randy Moss almost getting 100 yards on his second encounter with Revis Island, a timely interception on Favre sealed the MNF win.

The Ravens at 4-1. The Ravens have a legit offense as Ray Rice put up 25 Fantasy Football points (133 yards, 2 touchdowns) over on Denver who looks like an 8-8 season is likely. Despite Kyle Orton of all people leading the league in passing

The Steelers at 3-1. Notice a trend here? All the AFC teams are proving to be powerful and despite being off this week, through four games the Steelers easily beat out plenty of the other teams in the league, especially from the AFC South and that division still called the AFC West.

The Patriots at 3-1. So by giving away Randy Moss, the Pats bring back Deion Branch. A good move considering he was stuck in neutral when he decided to take money from Seattle capitalizing from his Super Bowl MVP performance in SB XXXIX. They’ve got way too many roleplayers that can just fit in a spot and then take off.


The Texans at 3-2. We’ve already said plenty about the secondary which looks about as atrocious as the run defense was last year. Despite Brian Cushing coming back, letting Hakeem Nicks turn into a top flight wide receiver bodes bad for the Texans as the rest of that schedule of theirs either contains good QBs, good/elite WRs or both.

The Niners at 0-5. Done. It’s over, finito. In order to win the NFC West, the Niners would have to at least go 8-3 or 9-2 the rest of the way. Think that’s happening? Singletary’ll be fired before that happens.

The Bears at 4-1. Good? Defensively. Todd Collins throwing 4 interceptions and putting up some terrible numbers passing yet the Bears still won by 17 means that Matt Forte and that defense is all the Bears have until Cutler gets back. Something’s got to shake since the NFC North is officially a straight shot with the Packers losing to the Redskins and Aaron Rodgers getting knocked out with a concussion.

The Chargers at 3-2. Shaky doesn’t even begin to describe these Chargers. Giving up a loss to the Raiders of all teams when on paper you should have beaten them by at least 10+ points is a warning sign. GM wise, somebody tell A.J. Smith to just pay Vincent Jackson to make Phillip Rivers even happier with his passing attack. He’s turned Malcolm Floyd into Jackson lite (and also baited me into picking up one of those receivers not named Floyd or Antonio Gates).