Wiz Khalifa’s Costly Weed Habit

There are plenty of habits in rap that must cost a pretty penny to keep up. While Snoop’s high has to be astronomical given the years he’s been on that tree, Wiz Khalifa’s has to be moderately low, right? Wrong. If you’ve seen Wiz in concert or follow him on Twitter then you know he talks about weed the same way Fox News tries to tell you the world is almost going to end. While on the Rock The Bells Tour, Wiz lets us in on his weed finances, copping some of the Earth’s finest for almost $10,000 a month. Or the equivalent of a couple baby flat screen televisions.

Now, we’re talking weed here so obviously this can’t be just nickels and dime bags … can it? I can understand putting the crew on but if Wiz is spending show money like this then I’m afraid he might go Hammer status when he finally puts out a major debut.