What could possibly justify an NFL column coming out two days after the end of the week? Especially after a Monday Night Football in which Patrick Chung decided to play on All-Madden and the Dolphins special teams playing on Rookie?

The Patriots decide to trade Randy Moss.

Now, Moss didn’t make a single catch in his game Monday against Miami but that couldn’t have been the last straw. His rant at the beginning of the season following the Patriots win over the Bengals showed that he was frustrated with his contract situation but still wanted to be a member of the Patriots. There are thoughts that Moss to the Vikings evokes “super team” status but realize this – the Vikings are without Sidney Rice, Brett Favre has turned back into the pumpkin he was before last season and Adrian Peterson can’t handle the load for an entire team much less the offense.

Since Brett has already called this his final season, does that mean Moss is only back in the Twin Cities for a year before becoming a free agent? I can’t see him wanting to reup with the Vikings with Tavaris Jackson as his quarterback but T-Jack has been stunted by Old Man Favre for the better part of three years so who knows how talented he truly is.

As for the Patriots, trading away their top flight receiver opens the door for the young players like Brandon Tate & Julian Endlemen to make their way into that vaunted offense full-time instead of sparingly. Picking up yet another 3rd round pick only adds to the Patriots legacy of wanting to stockpile on draft picks.

The instant returns for this move come on Tuesday morning, when Fantasy Football owners will have to figure out who will be the Patriots #1 receiver. It can’t be Wes Welker as he works best in the slot position and to instantly promote a young gun into that Moss role is daunting, even if you have Tom Brady at quarterback.

As far as the rest of the league?


The Ravens versus the Steelers still is the best physical matchup in football. Both teams will try to kill you whenever they see someone with the ball and this week was no exception. TJ Houshmandzadeh caught the game winning TD for the Ravens but the Steelers made sure that even without Big Ben (who comes back Sunday), they’re still a force within the division and legit Super Bowl contenders.

– After that Week 1 debacle at the Meadowlands, the Jets have reeled off three straight and topped off their latest win over the Buffalo Bills (who have a rooting fan by the name of Sam in College Station) with Ladanian Tomlinson running for 100+ yards and two scores. If that Jets O-line got Thomas Jones to a career year, they can resurrect the other LT too.

– All the teams who are getting suspended players back are already decent and if not decent, great. Brian Cushing coming back to the Texans gives them some help on the defense, especially since their pass coverage is more suspect than Christine O’donnell not wanting to get herself off. The Jets get back Santonio Holmes who gives them another weapon alongside Braylon Edwards and the aforementioned Tomlinson. We’ve covered Big Ben’s saga all year so his return to the Steelers means the best for them.

– This isn’t the Colts year. Well, it’s not their year through the quarter mark of the season. Two division losses put them, gasp LAST in the AFC South.


– The McNabb/Vick show that was supposed to be the big game of the weekend was a dud. Mainly because Michael Vick got hurt with rib cartilage damage and McNabb couldn’t do anything in the second half. With Vick hurt, the Eagles flipped right back to Kevin Kolb who proceeded to struggle. If it wasn’t for David Akers getting 12 points himself, the Eagles would have been shut out. That QB situation in Philly is about as stable as dating one of those chicks from Teen Mom.

– It’s Wednesday & Jay Cutler still doesn’t know his own name at this point. As a Texans supporter, I used to cringe whenever David Carr took a sack (he still holds the record for most in a season) so watching Cutler get absolutely crushed on Sunday night by the Giants brought back painful memories. Well, painful for the Texans fans who had to sit through the Carr era.

– Cancel the playoff hopes for the 49ers after their latest defeat. Too bad for Singletary too, he is bound to be fired if they drop one more to the Eagles on Sunday night.

– The biggest loser from the Moss trade? Baseball. On opening day, the McNabb trade to the Redskins ate up talks of spring training and hope for the 30 MLB teams hoping to win the World Series. Today is the first day of the playoffs and all of the Moss talk has eaten up the fact that a Rays/Phillies rematch is possible.