The third week of the season in the NFL should be the tell-tale sign for a few teams. Well, unless you’re the San Diego Chargers who continue to prove to the world that (at least to them) they don’t really start playing football until October & November.

The big matchup of the weekend was in Texas with the Lone Star Showdown between the Texans & the Cowboys with one team actually showing up, the resurgence of Michael Vick is looking like an upcoming Disney movie starring Don Cheadle and the San Francisco 49ers might be looking more lost than Hurley being on the cover of a Weezer album.

Time for show & prove.


–  The best offseason moves were made by … the Kansas City Chiefs?! Yes, despite swiping Matt Cassel from New England a year ago, the best moves former Patriots GM Scott Pioli did was basically hire the coordinators from the portion of the decade when New England was top dog in the league. So far it’s paid off with a 3-0 start and a comfy lead in the AFC West.

– Michael Vick is by far a dark horse choice for MVP. Although Vick may win Comeback Player of the Year in a landslide, his production over the past two weeks shows that this version of Michael Vick is better than the one that left the league in 2006. That, is remarkable in itself. Vick went for 4 TDS (1 rushing) as the Eagles spanked the Jaguars and seriously made Andy Reid look like a genius (when he performs like a befuddled fool in other situations).

– The NFC South is about as tipsy a division as there is in the NFC. Sure the NFC West is about as terrible as anything Simpsons related since 2007 (maybe earlier) but the South is the one that’s most up for grabs. The Bucs got exposed by a Super Bowl favorite in Pittsburgh without their starting quarterback. The Falcons came up huge and knocked off the Saints in the Superdome and Carolina got dusted off by the Bengals. Each team is very good, only problem is who’s going to take the crown?

– The Jets don’t really care about drunk driving. So does the NFL for that matter. Braylon Edwards got arrested after the Jets win last Sunday, sat out a quarter and then got deep passes for most of the game from Mark “Okay, I Think I’m A Quarterback” Sanchez, the first of which went for six. Let this be a lesson to you, the NFL & the state of New York could care less about your MAADs of the world.


– The Texans. The comeback win against Washington might be negated since the Redskins gave up a victory to the Rams of all teams.

– The rest of the NFC for the Bears of all teams with a questionable Jay Cutler being the only team left in the NFC without a blemish. I wasn’t exactly a Jay Cutler in Chicago fan but he’s warming up on people. Especially those in the Windy City now that the Bears look like they can keep Minnesota out of the playoffs.

– The 49ers are no longer for real. I thought moral victories resided in Detroit but I guess the Lions wanted to give out a helping hand before Thanksgiving came around. At 0-3, I think everyone who was on the bandwagon for the club to win their division and get back to the playoffs has hopped off, or maybe they’re playing the violins. Singletary keeps this up and he might be canned. Unfair, but the disaster was on his watch.