The end.

Throughout the series, Boosie has displayed varying levels of emotion, from happiness to depression in dealing with his impending prison sentence. The final shot of Boosie through this webisode series has maybe the most telling. Boosie’s young daughter is wise beyond her years speaking on how she is going to help take care of the family while her father is away. She has aspirations of being like her father, a star, a nationwide celebrity but she doesn’t know whether or not if rapping of basketball will get her there.

As Boosie makes the slow walk to court and begin his sentence, the final frames add even more to the story – the fact that Boosie could face the Death Penalty if those murder-for-hire charges stick to him. Fans hate the penal system just as much as the artists they love because they understand the place, what occurs and what loopholes may be permitted to keeping those inside those bars, behind those bars.

Hold your head Boosie.

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