By the gods we have football.

Hope springs eternal for 32 football teams all wanting to find a spot in JerryWorld for Super Bowl XLV. We’re well aware that certain teams may not make the field but hey, they’re at least out there trying. Why does opening day of the football season mean so much? Everybody hasn’t lost, nobody has won and everybody is on the same playing field in attempting to reach the Big Stage.

With that being said, the 2010 NFL season opened up with a lot of teams proving that all the preseason and off-season talk were more than just fluffed hyperbole and others showing us that well, there’s some stuff to be worked out.


– The Houston Texans, that sexy pick to be a sleeper team for three consecutive years finally looked sexy enough in thoroughly dispatching of their hated nemesis the Indianapolis Colts. I know everyone in Houston considers the Cowboys to be the big nemesis but I got an idea for you – the Cowboys don’t stop you from making the playoffs, Peyton Manning and his oblong face do. Despite Manning putting up huge numbers (430 yards passing), I’m quite sure the Texans will live as long as they got the W. With Arian Foster putting up 231 yards and 3 scores on the ground, maybe this is FINALLY the year the Texans break through.

– Lovie Smith, even in victory is coaching his way out of a job. To let the Lions get that close to beating you only to lose on some dubious (but correct) officiating should tell you something. Do I believe Jay Cutler is going to throw 30+ interceptions this season? It could happen. I know him not hitting Greg Olsen enough killed my fantasy prospects this week.

– To Calvin Johnson and the rest of Detroit, I feel for you. If this were street football, that’s a touchdown and some YouTube footage waiting to happen. In the NFL, it’s baloney.

– In order for Chris Johnson to get 2,500 yards he would have to put up 200+ yards in at least 14 of his 16 games. 142 isn’t bad but it’s a start.

– New England is looking like its juggernaut self again, and I cannot be happier. I’m sorry, Super Bowl XLII still holds bitter in my mind. Coasting to a 28-point lead before easing up showed that Brady’s gang on offense is lethal, very lethal.

– Pittsburgh might be alright without Big Ben, long as that defense holds up.

– Elsewhere in Pennsylvania, huge props to Michael Vick for stepping up when Kevin Kolb essentially got flapjacked to the turf. 100 yards rushing and almost 200 yards passing proves that the former Atlanta Falcon still has some go in the NFL. With Kolb probably out for the Eagles next game, looks like vick’s going to start.


– Dallas … how cruel can it be? They’ve been pampering the ‘Boys to get to the Super Bowl at home and in game numero uno, they drop to Donovan McNabb and the Redskins on an offensive penalty. Not just any regular offensive pass interference call, but holding. Alex Barron basically had Brian Orakpo lined up for a Rock Bottom as Tony Romo threw a touchdown pass to Roy Williams. Too many boneheaded decisions killed the Cowboys in certain games last year and Wade Phillips might be on the outs if it keeps up. Sidenote: Does God have it out for Williams? First Dez Bryant and now this?

– The Niners for getting blown up by the flying Pete Carrolls. Preseason hype had the 49ers winning the NFC West and getting back to the playoffs. Let’s hope Frank Gore & co. pick it up next week.

– Hard Knocks did the Jets little good on the offensive side. Granted they were playing against the Ravens but for Mark Sanchez to have only six completions and 60 passing yards against a patched up secondary? C’mon mayne (c. Cris Carter).


– Injury timeouts to Connor Barwin of the Texans and Leonard Weaver of the Eagles. Both of their injuries were gruesome to look at in real time as both their seasons are done. Get well soon.