Ah, “When Athletes Go Stupid” makes its return and what a way to make a comeback with the 7th option for the modern day “Dream Team” getting busted for having more than a couple grams of weed in his vehicle and a recent NBA draftee getting in trouble for pushing his girlfriend down some stairs like she was a movie villain.

Udonis Haslem (he of the entire state of Florida tattooed on his back fame) was busted late Sunday night after being caught speeding in Miami. Number one was the fact he had supremely dark tint on his Mercedes Benz, a no no for any famous person regardless of who you are. Number two, once authorities pulled him over and got a whiff of the dro aroma – it was a wrap. According to the law, Haslem could face five years in prison and a 5,000 fine for possessing more than 20 grams of weed. Yup, for all the good press the Heat were getting with their new Big Three, this puts quite the damper on an otherwise stellar off-season. Plus, Haslem just reupped with the team for 5-years just to play.

So why jeopardize that with the stickiest of the icky (No Icky Shuffle)?

Meanwhile, Lance Stephenson who was heralded as a top high school prospect from New York, played a year at Cincinnati and was drafted by the Indiana Pacers found himself charged with assault and reckless endangerment after going the domestic route and pushed his girlfriend down the stairs. As much hype as he carried with him coming out of the New York City public school leagues and the area dying for a star this certainly doesn’t help.

I feel more for a guy like Stafon Johnson who keeps catching these indescribable bad breaks that keep trying to derail his football career than these two, one beginning his career at the professional level and the other given a chance to be apart of something great. Such the society we live in.