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For the past two years in Track & Field, all things 100M have been Usain Bolt. The Jamaican star has destroyed all competitors and has shattered the world record twice, lowering the standard for speed to the 9.5 level. US sprinter Tyson Gay who has stated on numerous occasions that he can beat Bolt and break the world record, has been defeated by the Lighting Bolt on numerous occasions.

Until Friday that is.

After two false starts, Gay got off to a hot start and found himself at the finish line as the victory, Bolt coming in second trailing by .07 seconds. Many will attribute the loss to injuries and improper training by the Olympic Gold Medalist but all the US homers will still run to the world and tell them that the “unbeatable” Bolt, can be beaten. See me in 2012 in London and let’s see what goes down.